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Questions and Answers

What happens during a reading / what form does it take?

A reading from one of our Mediums follows the basic form used by Scottish Mediums.  First, personal evidence of your loved one will be given until you are happy with the identity.  Then you will get a message from the loved one.  There may be more than one spirit that comes forward.  The reading lasts for an hour.  After the reading you will be sent a copy of the video of the reading.

How do I get my reading?

You can book your reading using the diary options on this site.  If you want a specific Medium, the diary on the Medium page will book that particular Medium.  If  you do not know the Medium or want a specific time, then use the diary on the home page which amalgamates everyone's diary into the one.  You will, however, not be able to choose the Medium in this diary, only the time.


Do I get a video of the reading?

Yes.  This is recorded by Zoom and we will send a copy within 48 hours of the reading.  This is, however, not guaranteed, nor is the quality because we are using a third party company.

What do I need to have a reading in terms of technology etc?

You need to be able to access the internet with reasonable bandwidth.

Do you do phone readings?

No we only do readings on Zoom from this site.

Who is Marc Stuart Medium?

Marc is a Scottish based church trained Medium.  He can do both Psychic and Spiritual readings,  but prefers to work as a Spiritual Medium only.  H is also a good spiritual teacher and runs a number of training courses and circles based on the way he himself was taught and works in Scotland which is very different from what you will experience in the USA.


What is Different About Scottish Spiritualism

Scottish Spiritualism is about going direct to someone with evidence and then a message.  This site is based on giving proof of life after death. Scottish Mediums are trained in very specif ways based on Circles.  Marc runs a full range of such circles.

I am a Medium Myself how do I get a listing on this site?

The general rule is that you have to have sat in one of Marc's circles first.  You are welcome to go to a circle first to see what this is like.  If Marc thinks you are able to work to our methods then you may be able to get access to the site,  but as a general rule you have to have completed a full training course and or sat in the circles for a period of time. But the final rule is you don't get to work from this site unless approved by Marc himself.

What is Spiritual versus Psychic?

Very simple.  Spiritual is communicating with people who have passed to the other side whilst psychic is reading you yourself.  However the two terms are often intermixed and confused. So it is quite common for people to search for a psychic medium without realizing they are looking for a spiritual medium.

Is this a Religion?

Yes in the UK Spiritualism was recognized as a religion in the mid 1950's by an act of Parliament in the UK.  There are approximately 400 independent Spiritualist churches in Scotland.  Perhaps church is the incorrect description and Spiritualist Center might be a more appropriate name.  However they usually believe in what are called the four spiritualist principles:  

  • The brotherhood of Man

  • The Communion of Spirits and the Ministry of Angels

  • The Continuous Existence of the Human Soul

  • Personal Responsibility 

  • Compensation and Retribution Hereafter for all the Good and Evil Deeds done on Earth

  • Eternal Progress Open to every Human Soul

  • The Fatherhood of God

Marc is in the process of setting up a new Church in Scotland called the Penicuik and Borders Spiritualist Church.

Is there anything that you will not give during a reading?

Marc teaches very specific rules in his courses and circles.  There are three things that are not given in our readings:

  • We do not give medical diagnosis.  We are mediums not medically qualified.  We might say are you suffering from the following symptoms,  and might make the sitter aware that Spirit is drawing attention to this and thus it should be looked at.  But if the answer is no then we do not go any further.

  • We do not predict the future.  However if you are in a car with the foot on the accelerator driving at high speed directly to crash into a wall,  it is not predicting the future to say that if you do not slow down...

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