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Who Are We?

I am Marc Stuart, the Scottish Medium, and I lead this incredible Medium team.

Let Spirit chose a Medium to match your choice of date from either the half or full hour schedules. Or choose the individual medium below. That will take you to a page about and where you can book that Medium.

Recordings provided of your reading.  All readings are spiritual and evidential. We all work to the highest level using the unique methods I was taught in ancient Scotland.

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Book by  Medium Here

Why Book from This Site?

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  • Every medium works to the proven methodology used in Scotland across the country. Did you know for example that in a population of only 5.5 Million people there are over 400 Spiritual Centres or Churches as the Scots call them versus for example only 12 in New York State with a population of 19.4 Million.

  • You get a recording of the reading.

  • Strict quality control.  Other Mediums randomly review readings to make sure that the highest quality is maintained. And if you are not happy Marc Stuart himself will review your reading.

  • We follow the Mediumship rules. Every message follows a structure of personal evidence first, followed by a message which should also be evidential.

  • Every medium on this site is personally trained by Marc Stuart - who is Marc, do a search for the term "Marc Stuart Medium" and you will find over two pages of links for Marc.

Readings are carried out under UK law and must be regarded as entertainment. No reliance may be put on anything that is said  during the reading,

Or Book by Time from Here and let "Spirit" Choose the Medium"!

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