Marc Stuart Medium
The Scottish Medium

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Marc Stuart Medium is the Scottish Medium.  He runs several circles and training programs teaching Spiritual Mediumship skills to train people the way he himself was taught in Scotland.

Marc is available for private readings.  He is a very direct medium in terms of his messages and says what is the point in me telling someone that their Mother loves them? They should know that themselves.

Marc has worked in the USA, England, Scotland and China.  Online, he has clients n all of these locations plus India,South Africa and New Zealand. Marc has retail premises in Scotland where he is available for readings if you are visiting Scotland.  He has a business background and runs several businesses.  His key skills are in Marketing,  Accounting and IT systems. He is happily married and his wife is also an active Spiritualist.  Marc is also a Church Medium at the Dunfermline Spiritualist Church.

All current mediums on this site have been taught by Marc using what he describes as Traditional Scottish Spiritualism.

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