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Welcome to the Site - Instructions

Welcome to the ultimate site for online Zoom Spiritual Psychic Mediumship readings. Everyone on this site has been trained by Marc Stuart, The Scottish Medium. All readings follow the methods we have used in Scotland to give personal proof of life after death for long periods of time.

These Mediums will be direct: first, giving personal evidence of the loved one or friend on the other side, and then giving an evidence based messages from them.

You can use the diary option on this page to get all time options available. You will not see the individual Medium you are being booked with. You will be allocated a Medium randomly if more than one is available at your chosen time.

Or, go to the Mediums Page and you will see a list and brief description of each Medium.  Choose a Medium and you will be taken to their personal page and you can book in their own diary.  Obviously you will only be able to book a time when that Medium is available.

Once booked, you will receive an email with the Zoom link at the chosen time with the Medium.

Our standard readings are for one hour, however if you would like a shorter half hour readings these are also available.

Readings are carried out under UK law and must be regarded as entertainment. No reliance may be put on anything that is said  during the reading,